With personal service, affordable rates & priceless expertise.
Positive Bookkeeping is positively the right choice for you!


“We lessen the stress of entrepreneurs by helping with the day-to-day finances. This allows you to spend more time with your family!”


We lessen your stress!

Established in 2010 by Chanin Zellner, Positive Bookkeeping has grown to include two additional employees. We take immense pride in the relationships we have developed with our clients. We truly care! It is our mission to operate in a POSITIVE manner every day.

Our Team


  • ~Mitch H - Non-Profit
    Our small organization looks for service providers that personally jump in and take a sincere interest in helping us not only manage our bookkeeping but to also help us prepare for growth and be part of our team. Chanin has been doing exactly that since we met. She has helped us evaluate solutions to meet our specific needs and is making sure our bookkeeping systems and records are in tip-top shape, which is critical for non-profits. Her business name is Positive Bookkeeping, which we see as a double entendre … meaning ‘positive cash flow’ but it also is a great reflection of the attitude Chanin exudes. I’m so glad she is part of our team!! As a bonus she is very interested in the purpose of our non-profit! I highly recommend her!!    
    ~Mitch H - Non-Profit
  • ~Jerry J. – Business Coach
    Chanin has uncommon desire to serve at the highest level of professionalism. Her dedication to excellence is unwavering. She defies the stereotypes of her profession with her openness and passionate approach. She would be a refreshing and welcome addition to any team, and the entrepreneur is perhaps the person who would value her most on his or her team. It would not take a long conversation to see exactly what I mean.
    ~Jerry J. – Business Coach
  • ~Jim H. – Construction
    The only reason I would not say that Chanin is the best ever is because I would be afraid the word would get out and she would be swept up by a Fortune 500 company and I would never see her again. She is simply the best!
    ~Jim H. – Construction
  • ~Abby R. – Arts Center
    Our overall rating {of Chanin} is excellent. My husband and I are co-founders of a start- up business (3 years old) and both of us were struggling to keep track of the finances. This was not our area of expertise, and was causing us great stress. Although it felt like we shouldn’t be hiring someone, it turned out to be a life saver. Our mind is at ease as Chanin is taking care of something that was very difficult for us, and we can spend our time on growing our business! She responds quickly to your concerns and is very personable.
    ~Abby R. – Arts Center